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How to Make e Payment of VAT for Bihar Commercial Taxes Department

Procedure to file e-payment is very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required for the purpose. There are five easy steps to file e-payment.These steps are

Step 1 Registration on the Website
Step 2 Login
Step 3 Filing up of Challan form for Making Payment
Step 4 Redirecting on to Bank’s Portal and effecting the payment using your internet banking id and password Purpose

Check Online VAT Registration process Post if you have not registered already.

  • A dealer registered on the web site is required to login for the purpose of making online payment.
  • Connect to Internet and open the website 
  • Once you have successfully logged on the web portal, select e-Payment link on the left hand side menu or from the central page under e-payments. 
  • Click on VAT e-Payment link, below page with purpose details is displayed in which dealer’s basic information is auto-populated. The dealer has to provide values for Payment Period, Payment Quarter, Tax Period from and to, Purpose for Challan and Amount against each purpose .
  • Dealer can select one bank from a list of banks through which he wants to make the electronic payment.
  • This is a Challan Form CH-1
  • After filling form for e-Challan press “Confirm” button which shows verification information message. 
  • If the dealer want’s to modify any information than click on “Back” button. If all the information is correct than press “Submit” to send the information on Bank’s site. 
  • The user will be guided to the bank’s portal, where he can use his net banking credentials to login.
  • The user is displayed a verification screen wherein he can view all the details of Challan, amount and selected account. Once he fill all the data is ok, he can hit the confirm button and the payment will be debited from his account. 
  • If the user wants to cancel the transaction, he can select a link “click here to abort this transaction and return to the Bihar Commercial site” displayed at the end of the page. Also a 25 digit Challan Identification Number is displayed at the end. This is the unique number generated at bank’s end to uniquely identify all Challan payments. 
  • A unique reference number is generated by the bank and displayed as confirmation. The user will be provided a link (Click here to see the Challan details), on clicking which, the user can view the complete Challan. 
  • The Bank will display the cyber receipt which the dealer can take print of or save a copy

    for future reference. 

    This receipt will have the unique transaction id from bank and amount for each


  • Once the payment is done, after some predefined duration, the user is redirected back to

    the e-payment portal, where the unique bank reference number and CIN number are 


  • Note: If you want to make another payment for other Acts then follow the above process, otherwise Logout from here.