Commercial Tax Rajasthan Online VAT and CST Payment

Commercial Tax Rajasthan Online VAT and CST Payment

Procedure to make online Payment for Commercial Tax Rejasthan Department

It is very simple to pay VAT and CST online for Rajasthan Commercial Tax department. A computer with internet connectivity is required for the purpose. There are four steps to make online Payment. These steps are:

  • Registration on the Website
  • Login
  • Filing up of Challan form for Making Payment
  • Redirecting on to Bank’s Portal and effecting the payment using your internet banking id and password

Step-1 Registration on the Website
To register on web site, connect to Internet and write URL in the address bar as: . Click on New User and Signup. Check another post on this website on Signup process if not registered online.

Notes:For the purpose of making e-payment, it is necessary that dealer has an Internet Banking Account with the concerned Bank. Without an internet banking account, electronic payment cannot be carried out. If dealer does not have internet banking account, bank should be contacted for providing this facility.

Activities on the CTD Web Portal : Once the dealer submits his challan on Rajasthan CTD Web Portal, he will be taken to the concerned Bank’s web portal.

Activities on the Bank Web Portal : Dealer will have to enter his user id and password to login into the bank portal. On successful submission and verification of user id and password, dealer will be taken into his internet banking account. Dealer will be shown the details of challan that was filled at the Rajasthan Commercial Taxes Department web portal. Dealer should verify that all details are complete and correct and then proceed with making the electronic payment on the Bank’s portal. Dealer may be required to provide transaction password and may also be required to provide any necessary authorization of payment on the Bank’s Portal. Once these are completed successfully an electronic receipt will be generated which can be viewed and printed.

Dealer must necessarily check with his bank on the exact procedures of internet banking facility and accordingly carry out the electronic payment.

Step-2 Login

A dealer registered on the web site is required to login for the purpose of making online payment. Process of login is as under:
Connect to Internet and open the website . On Home page, there is a box in center to login.

Step-3 Filing up of Challan form for making VAT Payment:

  • Once you have successfully logged on the web portal, select e-Payment link on the left hand side menu or from the central page under e-payments.
  • After clicking on “e-Payment” link, options for making payment under VAT and CST will be displayed. Click on VAT link, with purpose details is displayed in which dealer’s basic information is auto-populated. The dealer has to provide values for Payment Period, Payment Quarter, Tax Period from and to,Purpose for Challan and Amount against each purpose. Dealer can select one bank from a list of banks through which he wants to make the electronic payment.

Commercial Tax Rajasthan Online VAT and CST Payment