Comtax Form 11 Online Generation –

Comtax Form 11 Online Generation –

The Commercial Tax Department, Govt. of Uttarakhand or COMTAX UK is offering several online services to his dealers like e-registration, e-payment, e-return etc. In addition to that the Commercial Tax Department is happy to announce a most awaited online service to his Registered Dealers which is self generation of Form XI at the dealer’s end. Under this service, after furnishing the VAT return through new version, the dealer would be able to self generate the Form 11 against the local purchases
made on and after 01.01.2014 at concessional rate. The annexure 17 (XI), submitted with the return will be treated as the application of Form 11. After launching of this service, the dealers filing their return through new version will
not be required to visit the respective Sector/Range Offices for receiving such declaration forms.

To avail this service, no specific system configuration is required, but the following conditions must be fulfilled-

  • Online return using new version must be filed along with required annexures.
  • System through which Form 11 has to be generated must have an internet connection and PDF reader installed.
  • Printer must be having A4 size paper.


  • This facility can be availed by those dealers, who are filing online return using new version (with annexures).
  • Below two options are being given to generate Form XI –
  • FOR UTTARAKHAND VAN VIKAS NIGAM: Using this option Form 11 can be downloaded on the basis of Vikray Anumodan Patra issued by Uttarakhand Van Vikas Nigam.
  • FOR OTHER DEALERS: Using this option any RecognisationCertificate holder (section 4 (7) of the Vat Act) can download Form 11 after filling the Vat Return.
  • Following modes are being provided to the dealers for self generation of Form 11- 

Standard Mode : This mode is for generating a Form 11 against those transactions, which are strictly falling under
selected return period after furnishing the VAT return. The  Form 11 is prepared on the basis of Anx 17(XI).
Specific Mode : This mode is for generating a separate declaration form, for those transactions, having their bill dates
in previous quarter.

  • Self generation facility of Form 11 is being given for the purchases made on and after 01.01.2014. For earlier transactions the existing system of physical forms will be continued.
  • Adjustment of Credit and Debit notes received against declared local purchases can be done in this module.
  • It is mandatory to download the Form 11 within Nine months from the date of starting of the quarter. e.g. if you are willing to download a form for Quarter 4th 2013-14, you need to do it before 30 Sep 2014.
  • It is mandatory to generate Form 11 for all transactions declared in Annexure 17 (XI). If you wish to Add or Delete any transaction, you need to Revise your return first.
  • Even if a single Form 11 is generated, out of all the transaction declared in Anx 17 (XI), the respective return can not be Revised.
  • Since the Annexure 17 (XI) serves the purpose of a requisition for Forms, the dealers must be extremely careful in filling up this annexure and should not commit any error.
  • Use A4 size paper to print Form 11 because the form is designed accordingly.
  • Do not forget to affix your signature with seal on the Declaration Forms and on its annexure. Send it directly to the Seller in the other State. These Forms will not be required to be authenticated, stamped or signed by any authority under Commercial Tax Department.
  • Please note that, the online generation of Form 11 is only applicable on the local purchases made on and after 01.01.2014. You need to visit office as earlier for getting a Form 11 for the year 2012-13 and earlier.
  • Generation of Form 11 is only possible after filing the return. There is no provision for generating a form in advance. But if you want to download the Form 11 against the purchases made from Uttarakhand Van Vikas Nigam, then you can download the Form 11 only on the basis of Vikray Anumodan Patra without filling the relevent return. 

Process of Comtax UK e-Form 11 Generation :

Step- 1 : Log-in to, the below screen will appear- user id & password put here
Step- 2 : Select the option “e-Forms” available on the left side.
Step- 3 : Click on “Generate e-Form 11” link.
Step- 4 : Select the Seller by cheking corresponding Check box.
Step- 6 : Click on “Adjust credit/debit notes” button to adjust credit/debit notes, then click on “Preview Form 11”
Step- 5 : Enter Credit/Debit Note Details.
Step- 7 : Verify the data from Preview page.
Step- 8 : If satisfied with the Preview check the I AGREE check box
Step- 9 : Enter the Image verification Code and click the button “Confirm & Generate Form 11”
Step- 10 : Click “ok” to confirm
Step- 11 : Your Form 11 will be displayed on the screen like below. Affix your seal and signature on its print out and send it to the Seller.

Help-Desk : 1800-266-2277 (Toll Free)

E-mail : helpdesk-ct-uk AT

Tips :

  • Our website is compatible with Mozilla Firefox browser. Kindly use the same for best results.
  • Generate Form 11 only after checking the name, tin, bill no. etc, in Form 11 preview. Once a Form 11 is generated no change can be done thereafter.
  • Form 11 generation is related to the data of Annexure 17(XI).Incorrectly feeded data in Annexure 17(XI), will lead to an incorrect Form 11. So be careful while filling in the data of Annexure 17(XI)otherwise you need to revise your return to correct the data.
  • Keep your User Name and Password securely. Change your password on regular basis Always keep your PAN and e mail ID updated into your account as the information regarding your new password after reset will be communicated to your mail ID.

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