e Return Filing UP Commercial Taxes Department e Return Filing UP Commercial Taxes Department

Steps to file E-Return for Uttar Pradesh Commercial Tax at

Preparations to make before Filing Return online for Form-24 Returns:

  • Download the Latest Excel Formats from . FORM 24 Ver12.0 as on 1/1/2014
  • User must fill data in required Excel Sheets.Sheets, which are of no use for the user, may be left blank. It is not necessary for the user to fill data in all the sheets. 
  • Please do not Rename or Delete any Excel File or Excel Sheet. 
  • After filling data in excel sheets, user must delete approximately 20 blank rows after the data in sheet ends. For Example, data in sheet has 100 rows. In such case 20 rows after row number 100 must be deleted. This practice is advised to avoid any sort inconvenience during filing of returns.
  • Dealer should fill all the 10 Formats for Form-24 given to them through Offline Tool.
  • All Excel Sheets should be zipped using the Offline Tool.
  • All the 10 Zip files should be uploaded using Upload File Option.
  • Returns for the Assessment Period before Febuary-2010 may be filed using older versions of Tool and excel sheets.(Please refer to notification dated 5th Febuary 2010).
  • In case of Wrong Token Generation,a fresh token can be generated using ‘Revised Return’.

Guide Lines for Offline Tools for Form-24 Returns

  • It is advised that user should check for the latest version of offline tool available on the website. 
  • In Case Newer version is available on the site, user must un-install older versions of tool prior to installing the newer one. 
  • Tool is installed in the Program Files folder, Located in drive where windows is installed with name ReturnForm24v12.0. 
  • User should double-click ReturnForm24.exe file located inside Program Files\ReturnForm24v6.0 to execute the tool or from shortcut on desktop named ReturnForm24v12.0. 
  • On execution user is directed to Main page

From where he/she can do following tasks:

  • If user is connected to internet, he can directly go to to pay taxes by clicking button Pay Taxes Online. 
  • If user is connected to internet, he can directly go to to Ereturn Filling by clicking button e-Return Filling. 
  • User can download Form-38 Directly from internet, if connected to internet by clicking button Form-38 Download. 
  • User can download Excel formats for Form-24, if connected to internet by clicking button Download Excel Format For Form-24. 
  • User can use the offline tool by clicking button Proceed With Offline Tool>>
  • On clicking button Proceed With Offline Tool>>, user is directed to a New page.
  • Now Select the File to check and create ZIP. 
  • Click buttons one-by-one to check files and create ZIP’s to be uploaded.It is recommended that user click only those buttons in which his data exists. 
  • ZIP Folder will be created at the same place where Excel file is located.All the Zip files created will be placed in that folder only. In case of Errors in files, Form24error folder will be created at the same place. All Error Files will be placed in that folder only. 
  • These ZIP Files will be used to be uploaded while filing Form-24 Returns online.

How to Upload Files ?

  • Go to or Click e-return under Dealer services
  • Log into your account using your TIN number and password. 
  • Click “ Proceed to E-Return filing “ link and you will be redirected to Menu page of E- Return Filing. 
  • Select “New Token Generation”. 
  • Generate a new Token for the period you want to file Return. 
  • Select the Version through which you want to File Return.Old Version is for Returns prior to Febuary 2010 and New Version is for Returns after Febuary 2010. 
  • Click on Generate Token Button. 
  • Register your digital Signature if you want. 
  • Click on “Back to main menu” to return to menu page. 
  • On Menu page,select “Form-24 File Upload ( For New Formats )”. 
  • Enter your Token Number and Click Submit. 
  • Upload your .ZIP files you generated using Offline tool version 12.0 or the latest version
  • Click on Back Button to move to Menu Page.

Final Receipt Generation and Completion of E-Return Filing :

  • This is not the final step of E-Return Filing.
  • Data for the Uploaded Files will be ported automatically on the next day of filing the E-returns
  • Final Receipt of E-Return will be available on the Next day of Uploading the files and then only, corresponding reports will be generated. 
  • Successful generation of receipt on the next day is the final completion of E-Return filing. 
  • You may take printouts of receipts and Reports ,if required.

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