Online Registration or E-registration for New users Online Registration or E-registration for New users for Commercial Taxes Uttarakhand

Instructions To Fill e-Registration Application Form for

  • The filing of e-Registration Application for dealer is divided into 4 Parts.
  • PAN of business is the mandatory requirement for online application.
  • The fields with back colour as ‘yellow’ are mandatory.
  • The application-Id will be generated on filing first part of the application form.
  • Remaining parts viz. Part-II, Part-III and Part-IV can be filled after Part-I.
  • All documents to be submitted can be uploaded (Optional) in the form of .pdf file. All documents including manual receipt of challan should be scanned in a single file in black and white with resolution as 200 dpi.
  • Annexure-1 or Annexure-2, as the case may be, should be filled in Part IV of the application form.
  • Photo image can be uploaded in each of the Annexure. (Optional)
  • All parts except Part I can be modified before final submission of the application.
  • Applicant can check the application status at any time after submission of the application.
  • SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number after final submission and at the time of disposal (Tin Grant / Rejection) of application.
  • Applicants who have registered their email-id will get updated information through emails from the department.
  • Fill ‘None’ in the space provided in case the information is not available.

Step-1 : Fill all four parts of e-Registration application.

Step-2: After filling all 4 Parts and Annexures the online application will be submitted to department through the option “Final Submission of e-Application”. Once an application is submitted, it can not be modified by the applicant

Step-:Take printout of your filled application through the option “Print e-Application”.

Step-4:Submit the signed and printed application with relevant documents to concerned sector office of the Commercial Tax Office with-in 10 working days of filing online application.

 Online Application for e-Registration for

  • Apply Online for new application for Registration of Dealer . GO NOW
  • Click here to apply for New e-Registration – Apply Online
  • Select City Name and jurisdiction sector under which your business is/will be established
  • On selecting “City” and “Sector” names jurisdiction area of that city and sector will be displayed as follows:
  • Scroll and Check your business area from list

Filling up of Part-I of the application for Commercial Taxes Uttarakhand 

(All fields with light yellow background are Compulsory to be filled) Online Registration Online Registration

PAN no. will be your application ID

On “Saving” Part-I of the application, you will be allocated PAN no as your Application-ID.

Filling up of Part-II of the application
(All fields with light yellow background are Compulsory to be filled)

  • Save Bank details
  • Select Commodity Name and save Commodity
  • Click atleast one “Nature of Business”
  • Fill all Compulsory fields
  • Save Part-II and Go to Part-III

Filling up of Part-III of the application
(All fields with light yellow background are Compulsory to be filled)

  • Fill all the Compulsory data
  • Press save Part-III and Go to Part-IV

Fill information about “Depots outside Uttarakhand” and information about “Factories and workshops”

Filling up of Part-IV of the application
(All fields with light yellow background are Compulsory to be filled)

  • Fill Annexure-1

Filling up of Annexure-1

  • New browser window will be opened on clicking “Annexure1” Link
  • Click Browse to upload your photo (optional)
  • Click Save to Save Annexure-1
  • You can Add as many Annexure-1 by clicking “Add More” button after saving First Annexure-1 After filling all Annexure-1, click on “Back to Application Form” to return to main application form.

Applying for CST Registration of Commercial Taxes Uttarakhand

  • If an applicant wants to apply for “CST” Registration as well, Click on “Yes” Button.
  • Click on “yes” if you want to apply for CST Registration also
  • After clicking on “Yes” button, Select “Type of CST” to be applied for.
  • After Selecting appropriate CST registration type, Click on “Fill FORM-A(For CST Details”link)

Filling-Up of CST Details

  • Filling up of Commodity details in CST Form-A
  • CST commodities can be added in respective category
  • Select Category and then Select Commodity in that category .Click Add commodity to Add category
  • All the category wise commodities added are displayed there.
  • Tick the Checkbox to agree
  • Click SAVE CST Application to save

Uploading of scanned documents

  • Click Browse to upload scanned documents(Optional)
  •  Select scanned documents as pdf file from your computer

Final Submission of application for e-Registration

• After final submission of complete application, you will receive an SMS alert on your registered mobile number.

• If you have provided your email-id while filling up of the form, you will be sent email from Commercial Tax Department UK.

Section B: Modifying Application for e-Registration

Important: Application for e-registration can only be modified if it is not submitted finally. That is, if all four Parts of the application has been filled and submitted, it can not be modified.

  • Enter your Application-ID as below to modify partially filled application.

Section C: Know your Application Status

  • The current status of your application can be checked using “Know your application Status” from main menu

Section D: Print filled application

  • The Part-I of the application can be printed by selecting “Print Part-I of your application” option from main menu

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