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Vehicles using Uttar Pradesh territory for transporting goods from one state to another and not offloading any of the declared goods within the state of Uttar Pradesh need to download Transit Declaration Form (ePargaman prapatra). 

The web-site for downloading ePargaman prapatra is:


Comtaxup Gov Transit New Registration procedure :

a) Only registered vehicles can download ePargaman prapatra,

b) The registration is a one-time exercise and every vehicle will get a registration no.after successful registration of their vehicle,

Transit Registration UP Commercial Taxes

Transit Registration UP Commercial Taxes

c) During registration, the user has to enter :

i. Vehicle information: Engine no., Chasis no. and date of registration,
ii. Owner information: The name, address, email, mobile no., PAN no., Pin no.of the owner,
iii. Transporter information: The name, address, email, mobile no., PAN no., Pin no., Service tax registration no. of the transporter,

d) Selection of vehicle type is mandatory and selection can be made out of “Truck” and “Long Body Container/Trawler”,

e) The vehicle no. will be the user-id and the registration no. will be the first time
password for the vehicle,

f) The password as registration no. can be changed after logging-in, if so required,

g) SMS and an email shall be sent to owner and the transporter after successful
registration of the vehicle. Also the registration no. shall be shown on the screen to
the person registering the vehicle,

h) In case the user is not able to receive password then he can call the Call Centre, from
where his password would be resent to him on the registered mobile and email.

Comtaxup Gov Transit Login:

a) Registered users can log-in using Vehicle no. (without any special characters as / – etc) as their USER-ID and registration no. as the PASSWORD,

b) All menu options will be displayed after successful login,

c) Owner information can be changed using “CHANGE OWNER” option,

d) Forgot Password would send the password to the registered mobile/email.

Options available on the Login page:

(1) New Registration: For registration of new vehicle,

(2) Forgot Password: For re-sending of password to the registered mobile,

(3) Change owner: For changing of vehicle engine/chasis and owner information,

(4) Main Menu:

The main menu is the web-page from where transits (ePargaman prapatra) could be generated. It would be visible only after successful log-in otherwise not.

(i) Generate E-Pargaman-1:

a. Generation of TDF-1 or E-Pargaman-1 is mandatory for all vehicles except the following, which can independently generate TDF-1 using their option:
i. ICD/Railways to Vehicle
ii. Vehicle to ICD/Railways
iii. Exhibition vehicles

b. For Transshipment (single or multiple), generation of TDF-1 or E-Pargaman-1 is mandatory. Once TDF-1 is generated the Transshipment options will be visible in the main menu and can be used,

c. While generation of TDF-1 for Long Body Container vehicle/Trawler, the entry of Weigh Bridge Information is not mandatory.

(ii) E-Pargaman-1 for Railways/ICDs: There can be four major possibilities where,

a. Goods from outside the state is brought through Railways and at a point within the state is loaded into a truck/vehicle to take it to another state,

b. Goods from outside the state is brought through truck/vehicle and loaded into the Railways within the state and is taken by Railways outside to another state,

c. Goods from outside the state is brought using truck/vehicle and brought into ICDs within the state to make them move out to another state at a later date,

d. Goods from ICDs are taken outside using truck/vehicle to another state.

(iii) Change Transit Vehicle:

Option for change of vehicle to be used only for exceptional circumstances where the main vehicle is suddenly is broken down or met with an accident,

a. The new vehicle should be registered,

b. There should not be any E-Pargamain-1 generated against the new vehicle,

c. The transporter should be selected for the new vehicle and also the date and
place of change should be mentioned clearly.

(iv) E-Pargaman-1 for Exhibition:

Goods being brought into the state for Exhibition purpose should use this option.There will be two stages to it.

1. Vehicle Entering the state with Exhibition Goods:

a. Vehicle that brings in Exhibition goods into the state from outside should generate E-Pargaman-1 Prapatra using this option,

b. The Entry state and Exit state should be mentioned clearly along with all other entries,

c. The starting and end dates of Exhibition should also be mentioned in this format.

2. Vehicle Exiting the state with Exhibition Goods:

a. Vehicle that take out Exhibition goods should enter the E-Pargaman-1 Prapatra Sankhya of the vehicle that brought into the Goods into the state,

b. All entries should be filled by the exiting vehicle afresh.

c. E-Pargaman Sankhya with same no. as of entry vehicle except ‘E’ in place of ‘D’ shall get generated after complete entry

(v) Add Transporter: Option for addition of New Transporter Details,

Multiple Transshipment: There are cases when goods from outside the state are brought in a single vehicle to a place within the state and then the same good is being transshipped to 1 to 3 vehicles to carry it to another state. The following should be kept in mind:

a) The Multiple transshipment option should be chosen while generation of E-pargaman-1 or TDF-1 if the same is known before generation of TDF-1,
b) If it is not known in advance then Multiple Transshipment can be selected after TDF-1 generation too,

c) Multiple transshipment from a vehicle should be done carefully by selecting only vacant (TDF-1 not generated) and registered vehicles only,

d) All entries for all the changed vehicles should be done and saved as many number of times and once complete then generation of E-Pargaman-1 for Multiple Transshipment for all vehicles will get generated simultaneously and at the
completion of all entries.

(5) E-Pargaman-2 or TDF-2:

a) For Single Vehicle:

For single vehicle entry of Weigh bridge information and place and date of destination place has to be entered

b) For Changed vehicle:

For Changed vehicle, unless the new vehicle submits E-Pargaman-2 or TDF-2 , the previous vehicle shall remain engaged

c) For Multiple Transshipment:

For Multiple transshipment unless all vehicles submits TDF-2, the original vehicle may not be used and shall remain engaged

(6) SMS: All SMS for tdf to be sent to 9235512608

a) For E-Pargaman-1:
Ctxup <space> tdf <space> (10 digit tdf no.) <space> 1

b) For E-Pargaman-2:
Ctxup <space> tdf <space> (10 digit tdf no.) <space> 2

c) For Multiple transshipment for first vehicle:
Ctxup <space> tdfa <space> (10 digit tdf no.)

d) For Multiple transshipment for second vehicle:
Ctxup <space> tdfb <space> (10 digit tdf no.)

e) For Multiple transshipment for third vehicle:
Ctxup <space> tdfc <space> (10 digit tdf no.)

f) For Exhibition for Exit vehicle:
Ctxup <space> tdfe <space> (10 digit tdf no.)

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