DVAT T2 Form Online Delhi Sales Tax dvat.gov.in

DVAT T2 Form Online Delhi Sales Tax dvat.gov.in Delhi Trade and Taxes

DVAT T2 Form Can filed in three modes:

  • Through SMS from registered mobile for T2
  • Through Mobile Apps 
  • Through Department Website 

Apart from filing T2, there are some more facilities available on the department website. These are

  • Revising T2
  • GR Updation
  • Viewing T2 History filed through website 
  • Viewing T2 history filed through mobile and sms 
  • Registration of mobile number for filing T2 through SMS 

Filing DVAT T2 Form through SMS

SMS format for T-2

DVAT<SPACE>T2<SPACE>Vehicle No<SPACE>Invoice No<SPACE> Delhi VAT Rate<SPACE>VAT rate
wise actual amount(Excluding CST and freight value)

Mobile Number on which SMS to be sent: 9211728082

1. No space should come in any value.

For Vehicle No –DL1P3845, invoice no -PR/258/13-14, Delhi VAT Rate is 12.5% and Vat rate wise actual invoice amount (Excluding CST and Freight value) is 858925, then we just type it as per mentioned SMS format and send it to 9211728082.

After sending SMS, You will receive a SMS in reply from DM-DVATDL for confirming the successful submission of information.
Note: In the department website, all filed data through SMS can be viewed.

Filing DVAT T2 Through Mobile

Step1: Open browser in your mobile and type following URL http://dvat.gov.in/T2M.htm
STEP: 2 Enter TIN as user Id then click on “Next” Button.
STEP: 3 Enter Password and Click on “Sign In”.
STEP: 4 Fill all fields then Click on “Save” Button.
Step 5: After saving the data message will appear as follows.

Note: In the department website, all filed data through Mobile can be viewed.

Filing DVAT T2 Through Department Website

Step: 1 Access department portal through the URL www.dvat.gov.in
Step: 2 Click on the link Goods Movement (T-2)
Step: 3 Enter TIN or Sub-user (Sub-TIN) as user id and then Click on ‘Next’ button
Step: 4 Enter Password & Image Characters and then Click on ‘Sign In’ button.
Step: 5 Click on the link ‘T-2 Entry’.
Step 6: Fill all corresponding fields. * Marked fields are mandatory.
Step 7: Click on Save & Preview button
Step 8: On preview page, there are two options. If you want to Edit data shown in preview, then than click on “Edit” button. If you click here, then first page appear again and follow as per above mentioned instruction.
Step 9: If you click on “Confirm” button then data will be submitted and no editing will be allowed and Fig 7 will appear for taking printout which is supposed to carry out by the driver.
Step 10: For editing Saved data click on View Saved Data Button
Step 10: Here delete button is also available. If you click on delete, then data will be permanently deleted. Hence, be careful on clicking. For editing, click on Edit button. Following screen will appear in which all fields will be populated based on previous entry.

Revising DVAT T2 Form
Step 1: For Revising, click on the ‘Revise T-2’.
Step 2: Enter the T2 Reference number, Reason and click on the “Next” button. The process of revising T2 from now onwards is same as filing original T2.

Updating GR
Step 1: Click on the link, “GR Updation”.
Step 2: List of all filed T2 comes for which GR is/are pending for updating with Edit option in first column. Now click on “Edit”
Step 3: On clicking on edit, edit changes to update and cancel button while input box appear under GR-No and GR-Date Column. Now enter the value in corresponding columns and click on update button. If you want do
nothing, click on cancel button.

Viewing submitted DVAT T2 data
Step 1: Click on the link ‘History T-2’. On click, list of T2 summary comes.
Step 2: List of T2 summary comes. For viewing complete T2, select T2 Reference No as in above picture.

Registration of Mobile Number for filing DVAT T2 Form through SMS
Step 1: Click on Mobile Registration for SMS T-2 Data button.
Step 2: Then Enter Mobile Number and Click on Save Button. For deleting any existing mobile number, Click on the corresponding Button “Delete”.

Note: Any existing mobile number can be registered by other party after 24 hours of deletion from first party.

1. Add Sub User facility is not available in T2?
‘Add Sub User’ facility is not specific to T2. It is common feature and hence available under dealer’s login. User manual on ‘Add Sub User’ is available on the website under menu Help.

Source : DVAT Website