Gujarat Commercial Tax Tatkal VAT e-registration Online

Gujarat Commercial Tax Tatkal VAT e-registration Online

Prcocedure to get Tatkal VAT e-registration for Gujarat Commercial Tax Department

  • Dealer connects to the Commercial tax website :
  • Click on Online e-Registration : Tatkal under e-services for Gujarat Tax website
Gujarat Commercial Tax Department

Gujarat Commercial Tax Department

  • Dealer will have to enter – Firm name , PAN, & email-id , and create the password
  • While sign-up, to logon onto the dept. site . This login-id & password will be used to make an e-Payment, applying for Tatkal e-Registration , and communicating with dept website until the TIN ( registration no. is generated)
  • The website creates a temporary login –id for the user .
  • The Dealer will have to use this login –id and the password created by him while sign up to login to the website and proceed further
  • The Dealer will have to select Online Payment to make an e-Payment
  • Dealer can make an e-Payment for application s of registration under VAT & CST Act as per the provisions of Tatkaal e-Registration
  • The dealer will have to enter the following in the next screen — his office address, phone, email-ID, select district , select the appropriate taluka sub-treasury, select bank with net-banking account (from which the e-Payment is to be made)
  • The dealer will have to make an e-Payment of Tatkaal Registration under VAT & CST Act together if he needs registration under both acts.
  • The dealer will have to pay Rs. 10,000/- as Security per act 
  • The dealer will have to pay Rs. 1,000/- as processing fee under each act
  • The dealer applying for Voluntary VAT registration under section 22 ; will have to make additional e-Payment of Rs.25,000 as deposits
  • The processing fee is to be included under the head.. License & registration fees, whereas the Security amount and Deposit Amount is to be included under the head Deposits u/s 22
  • On pressing, the Confirm and Submit button , the link will lead to Bank’s homepage.
  • The dealer will login to his net-banking account and make an e-payment
  • Bank in turn will confirm the amount and make an online transaction
  • On completion of a successful online payment transaction; Bank will generate an acknowledgement with * Transaction –id and * CIN: Challan identification no.
  • The Dealer logs in to dept’s site with his temp login id and submits the details of his e-payment done & makes and application for e Registration- Tatkal
  • The transaction id & Challan id are displayed on the Online e-payment acknowledgement given to the dealer by the bank. The transaction id is also sent to the dealer in the email address he has specified while sign- up.
  • Dealer will have to select Tatkaal registration link, download the Registration template for VAT : Form 101 & for CST : Form A 
  • Dealer can download the area code guide to get the exact Locality ward –jurisdiction of the address of his Chief place of business
  • Dealer can fill up the required details in the excel template offline , connect to the Website and upload the template .
  • Dealer will have to apply (upload) for VAT template first and then apply for CST
  • More no. of challans can also be added one by one ..if need be  Hence while applying under CST Act, Dealer will have to enter VAT acknowledgement no. OR VAT TIN if he already has a VAT no.
  • The dealer can fill in the details of Form 101 /Form A offline in the downloaded excel template.
  • Dealer will have to select his Constitution of Business from the option buttons
  • Select the type of proof which dealer wants to produce before the registering authority
  • Fill in the required data and upload form 101
  • Clicking on the VAT Registration Form link on lower left corner, the entire details filled in the form will be displayed with a bar
  • If the dealer needs to apply for CST registration also, the same process is to be followed
  • Dealer has to apply for online VAT registration first in this case else he should have a VAT TIN
  • However, the online e-payment for both acts is to be made together code.
  • Dealer can print this and submit the signed copy 

Source : Gujarat Commercial Tax Website –