hptax.gov.in Online VAT Payment , Himachal Taxation

hptax.gov.in Online VAT Payment , Himachal Taxation

Procedure to make online VAT Payment for HPTAX.gov.in

Its very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required to make an e-Payment. There are four steps to make online Payment as mentioned below:

  • HPTAX Sign Up

User can Sign Up on the Web Portal (One time Activity) using following steps:

1. To register on web site, click on the Internet Explorer icon. The browser appears

2. Type the URL given below in the address bar : https://hptax.gov.in/HPPortal/

3. Once the web site is connected the Home page and On the left hand corner of the home page there is a SignUp link. Please click on it.

5. A new screen will open . This screen displays the details required to be filled by the dealer for registering on the web portal. Please enter the details on the screen as per the instructions on this hptax.gov.in Login

The ETD Office will then instruct the Admin of the portal to approve the user. If the user is approved then user will receive his/her login credentials on mail.

When the dealer logs in for the first time using the Login Id (TIN No.) and Password provided at the time of registering, system will prompt to change the password.

  • HPTAX Login

User can Login on to the Web Portal using User Id (Dealer’s TIN) and Password by following below steps:

1. A dealer registered on the web site is required to Login for the purpose of filing e-Payment.Process of Login is as under:

2. Connect to Internet and open the website https://hptax.gov.in/HPPortal/ . On the Home page, there is a column on left hand side as indicated in Screen–8.

3. Please enter following details: Login ID, password and Maths expression and Submit

  • Fill the Payment

User can Fill the Payment Details in the Challan Form following the below steps:

1. If the details entered by you are found correct; you will be logged in. You are entitled for number of e- Payment. Please select e- Payment link in the e-Payment column

2. Once the dealer has logged on the Web Portal successfully, select e-Payment link from the center of the home page under e-payments box.

3. After clicking on “VAT e-Payment” link, options for making payment under VAT will be displayed. Click on VAT link, following page  with purpose details is displayed in which dealer’s basic information will be auto-populated. The dealer has to
provide values for Payment Period, Payment Quarter, Tax Period from and to, Purpose for Challan and Amount against each purpose

4. Dealer can select one bank from the list of banks through which he wants to make the electronic payment.

5. After filling the Challan form for e-Payment, click on “Confirm” button. This will prompt the dealer to verify all the information entered by him in the Challan form. If the dealer wants to modify any information, they needs to click on “Back” button else click on “Submit” button.

6. On Click of submit button, dealer would be redirected to the bank’s Web Portal, which dealer has selected earlier. Dealer has to log on to the bank’s portal using his Internet Banking Id and Password as provided by the bank

HPTAX VAT Payment Online

HPTAX VAT Payment Online


Auto Redirection on The Bank’s Portal:

1. If the net banking user name and password is correct then following page with all the information which the dealer had filled on the ETD portal will be shown on the bank’s portal. The dealer will have to select the account from which he wants to make ePayment and hit the confirm button.

2. The bank’s portal will be displayed a verification screen where the dealer can view all the details of Payment, amount and selected account. Once the dealer feels that all the data is correct, he can click on the confirm button and the payment will be debited from his account.

3. Dealer may also be required to enter his transaction password here if required by the bank. Once dealer clicks on “Confirm”, a verification screen appears

4. If the dealer wants to cancel the transaction, he can select a link “click here to abort this transaction and return to the Excise & Taxation Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh Portal, displayed at the end of the page.

5. If the Information displayed on the screen is correct click on “Confirm” button to proceed with the payment on the bank’s Web Portal. Once this activity will successfully complete, a payment confirmation message will be displayed. A unique reference number will also be generated by the bank and displayed as confirmation

6. The dealer will be provided a link for viewing the Challan details, “Click here to see the Challan details” on clicking which, the dealer can view and print the complete Challan of form VAT-II-A

7. A 20 digit Challan Identification Number (CIN) will be displayed. This is the unique number generated at bank’s end to uniquely identify all Challan payments. This number should be carefully preserved. The CIN will also be printed on the form VAT-II-A which is generated at the bank’s Portal as a challan receipt

hptax payment receipt

hptax payment receipt

Once the payment is done, the dealer will be redirected back to the ETD Web Portal after few seconds, where the unique bank reference number and CIN number will be displayed . On click of OK button message is sent to dealer’s message box

View E-Payments
After clicking on View e Payments, system will display following page, here, user can enter the criteria for searching e-Payments made earlier.

After clicking on Go Button, system will display corresponding list of e-payments done according to the criteria given by the user.
After clicking on Transaction Number, system will display the details of e-payment history on the portal.

Source : hptax.gov.in