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Submission Process of Online Application for new/ enhancement of water supply and sewerage connection at Hyderabadwater.gov.in

1) Customer has to apply for New/Enhancement/Feasibility receipt of water or sewerage connection by logging into HMWSSB website www.hyderabadwater.gov.in by filling online application form. No physical application form will be accepted.

2) Alternatively Customer can apply for New/Enhancement of water or sewerage connection from the Kiosk made available at all the HMWSSB cash counters. HMWSSB Help desks located at O&M Division offices and Head office at free of cost.

Link for HMWSSB Online NEW Connection:


Link for HMWSSB Enhancement of Existing Connection


Check HMWSSB Connection Status


3) Entering the Mobile number of applicant is mandatory for any application

4) After entering details such as name, address, locality, area, contact number etc., a copy the application form will be generated and can be downloaded for printing from website consisting of customer details along with a unique File Number. Customer has to refer this File number for all purposes.

5) Customer has to pay the processing fee within one week from date of application if not the application will be lapsed.

6) An SMS will be sent to consumer requesting to pay processing fee against the file number.

7) Customers can make payment of processing fee at any of the HMWSSB cash counters (List of Cash counters with address enclosed) in CASH/ DD (or) Online from HMWSSB website www.hyderabadwater.gov.in referring the File Number.

8) On receipt of the processing fee an acknowledgement SMS will be sent to the Customer containing the details of the Section Manager to whom his application is forwarded for Feasibility with contact number of section Manager.

9) Customer can view the status of application at HMWSSB website www.hyderabadwater.gov.in at any point of time using the link given above.

10) Once feasibility is verified by the GM(O&M) concerned, a downloadable intimation sanction letter will be generated requesting the customer to submit necessary documents at the O&M Division office to process the file.

11) A copy of intimation letter to customer will be dispatched through post by the concerned GM (O&M).

12) An SMS will be sent to the Customer with information that the connection is provisionally approved and with a request to submit necessary documents for final approval at GM (O&M) Office.

13) Once necessary Documents are verified the GM (O&M) gives final approval for the feasibility and generates intimation letter for payment of connection charges and communicates the same to customer by post.

14) An SMS will also be sent to the Customer informing that file has been sanctioned requesting to pay connection charges. Customer can collect or download the intimation letter from www.hyderabadwater.gov.in

Link to Download HMWSSB Intimation Letter: https://erp.hyderabadwater.gov.in/hmwssbledger/RBS/Ledger/HmwssbSWCDocsDownload.aspx

15) If rejected intimation letter and an SMS will be sent to the customer with reasons for rejecting the application.

16) Customer can also download the feasibility report and the sanction letter for payment from the HMWSSB website.

17) Customers can pay Connection charges at any of the HMWSSB counters (or) online.

18) On payment of connection charges, a Sanction order will be generated and will be communicated to customer by post by the GM (O&M) concerned.

19) After payment of connection charges an SMS will be sent to customer with the information of the GB contractor and his contact number who will execute the connection at customer premises.

20) After releasing the connection the GB contractor will provide the date of boring in the application screen to generate boring slip, the same will be verified and approved by concerned section manager.

21) Once connection is approved by the manager Consumer Account Number(CAN) will be generated.

22) Once connection is released a document will be provided to the customer giving details of the connection along with Customer Account Number. Note: – Customer can download the application form, feasibility report, Sanction Document,
GB contract allotment letter etc., from the HMWSSB website www.hyderabadwater.gov.in

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