Jharkhand Commercial Tax VAT and CST E-registration jharkhandcomtax.gov.in

Jharkhand Commercial Tax VAT and CST E-registration jharkhandcomtax.gov.in

This post  is to describe the e-Registration functionality in JHARKHAND VAT Portal for VAT & CST Dealer and is  intended for the dealers in Jharkhand.

Introduction to Jharkhand Web Portal – jharkhandcomtax.gov.in
The government of Jharkhand has launched a web portal with URL http://jharkhandcomtax.gov.in. The web portal offers different kind of information on Taxes administered by Commercial Taxes Department Jharkhand.
The portal offers major functionality like:
• E-services like e-registration, e-returns, minor-act, e-support, and e-payment
• News, updates, circulars and notifications

Introduction to Jharkhand commercial Tax Department’s VAT and CST e-Registration

This is to provide VAT and CST e-registration step-by-step guidance to the dealers in filing e-registration. Helps in filing e-registration form. Filling of e-registration will save time for the dealer. E-registration is related to VAT & CST.
VAT and CST application for getting registration under CST Act 1956. Submission of application for registration online.
User can get a dealer Identification Number i.e. TIN online using this functionality. The process for e-Registration is described below.

The process for the Online VAT and CST registration of dealer involves the following:
1. Registration Form/s
2. Sign in
3. Filling data in form/s
4. Obtaining the Acknowledgement Receipt
5. Tracking the application status

Pre-requisite for e-Application for Registration

  • Application must get a PAN No. / TAN No. from Income Tax Department
  • Applicant must have a valid e-mail id and mobile no for future correspondence.
  • Client computer must have the following components installed Internet Explorer v6.0 and above.

Points to remember: 

1> If you  have any doubt please call at helpline number-0651-2405185.
2> Make sure that you have a valid e-mail id and valid mobile no. for future communication.
3> Please take caution before submitting the Application Form that all entries are completed.
4> Use TAB key to navigate from one text field to another text field.
5> After submission of “Form” if details or change made by you are not effected then delete Temporary Internet Files, cookies, History etc. close your browser and login again. Still problem exists change your IE browser version.
6>In course of submitting the application, a message appears after you submit the form or any other information, It shows the success or failure of your action. Read carefully that message and then continue your work.

VAT and CST E-Registration Process
Process to file CST e-registration is very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required for the purpose. There are very easy steps to do e-Registration. These steps are: This tells you how to start and use the Jharkhand Commercial tax E-Registration. It explains the elements of the application windows such as the Login screen.

  • Go to the Website www.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in and click on e-registration under e-services

Jharkhand CST and VAT registration Online


  • After click on e-Registration the registration page appears
  • Applicant selects VAT & CST option to register for both Acts simultaneously, fills the “Registration” form and submits it to create his profile.
  • Enter the required details of the person who is feeding the data and details of register applicants profile like Applying for, Name, Place of business, mobile no, e-mail id etc. In the last row, just look at the jumbled Alphanumeric Code and type the same in the box given and click on “Submit” button.
  • After ‘Submit’ button a message will appear as Profile Created, Check your mail.
  • Click on Sign In and enter your e-mail id and password which applicant has given at the time of registration of his profile.
  • Profile of applicant created successfully. He then enters the secret code to get his mobile verified by the system

After successful verification of the mobile the JVAT 101, Annexure I, II, III button is enabled.

JVAT 101

  • Application for Registration for the new dealer creates their liability under the VAT Act 05. NOTE-The field indicating * are mandatory. It must be filled.
  • After filling the mandatory fields in “Dealer Info” (in VAT101) the user can go to other pages
  • In case the data in any of the fields is not entered, then the applicant would get error message and would be prompted to enter the said data.
  • All the multiple entry fields must be added by clicking add button.
  • Navigate to the dealer Item Commodity Codes window from the ‘look up’. When you open the window, Page displays the existing commodity codes.
  • Existing commodity codes are displayed now
  • User will have to fill at least the mandatory fields and then press the “ADD “button. After entering the data when the user clicks on “ADD” button, data entered will be added. If required users can delete those data.
  • Process is same for other pages
  • Enter Name, status and upload photo (scanned passport size photographs of the Proprietor, each of the partner) and click on Browse button to upload photo and finally click on ‘save Data’ button to save your details.


  • Give the Basic information like Name, father’s name, status and Extent of interest in business. Permanent address and Present address.
  • Immovable property is an immovable object, an item of property that cannot be moved without destroying or altering it – property that is fixed to the Earth, such as land or a house
  • Enter details of all immovable properties owned and click on button ‘Next’
  • Enter other business details and click on ‘save data’ button

There are different types of security type like
1. Government securities.

2. Government treasury challan.

3.Deposit or savings in post office.

4. Form JVAT 115.

5. Bank guarantee.

  • In this page, enter the Tin Nos. of two registered dealers in the TIN interest area/respectable persons/Trade Associations/ who are signing as witness for the Applicant and click on the “Upload” button to upload file.
  • Click on Browse and upload your file and click on ‘Save’ button
  • If no errors are found, following screen will be displayed with uploaded file
  • If applicant tries to click on the “Submit” button without filling “CST” form a warning message will be displayed here. Applicant then clicks on the link to apply for CST registration
  • A new CST form will open and clicking on the validation link shows the entire mandatory field required for filling the form CST.

The below field must not be left blank :
[ 1][Name of the person deemed to be the Manager
[ 2][Status or relationship of the person
[ 7][The business is
[ 8][Particulars relating to registration…
[12][Business in respect of which…
[13][The first sale in the course of inter-State trade was effected on
[16][The following goods or classes of goods are purchased by…

  • Applicant has to give Security Bonds as shown below. (It is not mandatory)
  • In case of Form X security Bonds, TIN interest will be checked with our database. Please upload one file only after the two TINs are filled.
  • After filling all the details dealer saves the data
  • After saving the data a message “Saved Successfully” appears at the top.
  • Make sure you can modify your data before ‘submit to Department’
  • After save finally click on ‘submit to department’ button
  • ‘Saved successfully’ message appears on top and a print option is available to take the print out.
  • Now finally click on ‘Submit’ button to submit your VAT & CST registration form to the department.
  • A message will appear that your form has been successfully submitted to the Department
  • Dealer can login using their User Name/TIN and Password

It is required to submit the physical form print, acknowledge receipt print out to the office when In-charge officer informs.


Login at http://jharkhandcomtax.gov.in:8080/viconline/Login.jsp#