Jharkhand Road Permit Online e-Permit

Jharkhand Road Permit Online e-Permit

e-Road Permit Management- Guideline for Users
• e-Form Management is a facility available for the dealers in the e-services portal for online requisition and issuance of e-Road Permit under Jharkhand VAT Act & Central Sales Tax(CST) Act.
• This facility is available to the dealers registered under various Acts such as the Value Added Tax (VAT), the Central Sales Tax (CST) .
• Initially the importing registered dealer (consignee) will have to input his VAT TIN No. and the name, address and VAT TIN No. of the dealer from whom he wants to purchase .
• On submission of the above information, a unique Road Permit key will be generated and automatically the key and secret code (for login) will be sent to consignor ‘s mobile no via SMS as well as in e-mail.
• The Consignor will login and he has to enter the details of dispatch of goods, invoice no , invoice date and Transporter details , expected date of delivery and Print e-Road Permit (JVAT 504 G).
• The Print copy of [JVAT 504 G] will form a complete Road Permit. The transporter / driver should possess such a Road Permit before entering the territory of Jharkhand.

The highlights of the new system are as under:-
• The Road Permit obtainable through the new system is known as Form 504G.
• In the system the registered dealer willing to import goods has to generate the Road Permit electronically through the Jharkhand Commercial tax website.
• If Consignee don’t check from the expected date of delivery that ‘Consignment Received’ within seven days then it automatic converts it into as ‘consignment received’
• For any assistance, dealer may contact the help-desk of the

Jharkhand commercial taxes department

3rd floor, Project Building , Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004


Call 0651-2405185, IP. 11580
Steps for generation of the e-Road Permit or Jharkhand Road Permit

Steps for generating e-Road Permit or Jharkhand Road Permit:

  • Go to WEBSITE www.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in
  • If you already have the Login ID and Password then Click on View/Print Permit.
  • The registered dealer will enter TIN and password for login.
Jharkhand e road permit

Jharkhand e road permit

  • You will be taken to . This is the Version 1. They als have a new version where your old login will work. Go to https://eseva.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in/Portal/
  • Login at one of the above.
  • For NEW USERS, please go to Jharkhand eSEVA site https://eseva.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in/Portal/reg.htm?actionCode=loadPage . Register at this link.
  • E-Road Permit data entry screen gets displayed. Dealer importing the goods henceforth referred to as ‘Consignee’ . Dealer for whom goods are imported henceforth referred to as ‘Consignor’
  • The Dealer has to click on the button ‘Add’ to fill the e-Road Permit new entry form.
  • Upon clicking the button ‘Add’ the following form shall be displayed in which the dealer has to enter the Consignor details. Upon filling the required details, the dealer has to click on the button ‘Save and Next’.
  • Once the dealer clicks on the button ‘Save and Next’ the screen shall be displayed with the Road Permit No ‘Requisition Details’.
  • Other dealer TIN : Enter TIN of the Consignor.
  • If the Consignor is an unregistereddealer, then it should be checked on unregistered dealer.
  • Other dealer Name : Enter Consignor name .
  • Other dealer Address: Enter Consignor address
  • Place From which consigned : Enter the place from which the goods are consigned.
  • Place To which consigned : : Enter the place to which the goods are consigned.
  • Click on button ‘Save & Next’ a unique Road PermitNo will be generated .
  • Click on commodity group button to search commodity. The screen will be displayed. The related commodity list will be displayed. Select Commodity from the dropdown list. If you can not find the commodity from the list then select ‘Others’ from the list and enter the Goods Name in the text box provided.Dealer can download excel format to fill up the requisition details.
  • Requisition Details: Enter Invoice details to be filled in against the Road Permit No.are Goods Name, Quantity, Price, No. of packages and Total Amount.
  • Click on “Submit” button to send the Road Permit for approval by Consignor at Consignor End
  • Consignor will login with e-Road Permit number and secret code as send on consignor’s mobile as well as in e-mail.
  • After the Consignor clicks on the button ‘Dealer Portal(e-Return)’ the following screen will be displayed. He has to click
    on the link ‘Consignor’ as shown below.
Jharkhand e road permit consignor verification

Jharkhand e road permit consignor verification

  • The dealer has to enter the Road Permit key number and secret code as send on consignor’s mobile also in e-mail and then click on the button ‘Login
  • The Consignor can edit the Invoice details like quantity / No of Packages /Total Amount only till the dealer has not clicked on “Submit” button.
  • Fill the vehicle / transporter details section before ‘Submit’. If the vehicle / transporter Registration No. are not known at that point of time, in case of ‘Small Consignment’ they can leave Blank.
  • The consignor has to enter the details of dispatch of goods, invoice no and invoice date and Transporter details, Possible Entry Location in Jharkhand(select district). Once the details are filled, the consignor has to click on the button ‘Add
    ’ . After filling the details, the consignor has toclick on the button ‘Save’. After the dealer save the Transporter name and address. Once you click “Submit” button, Consignor cannot edit any details.
  • In a single Road Permit Consignor can add multiple Transport Details. If they want to add more than one Transport details then he/she will enter details and has to click on ‘Add’ button.
  • If the details entered are correct then click ‘Submit’.
  • So confirm the Waybill at the last moment .You cannot cancel the Accepted e-Waybill.
  • Print’ to get automatically e-Road Permit copy (JVAT 504 G).

The self generated Road Permit should to be carried by the driver / transporter along with the consignment during its entry into the state of Jharkhand. It should be produced by the driver /transporter before the authority of the Commercial Taxes on interception or otherwise at any place within the state.

Transfer of a shipment from one carrier, to another whereas in transit :

  • Consignor has to click on the link [Transhipment ]
  • Consignor can add the Transshipment details and it is for one Time. After filling the details, the consignor has to click on the button ‘Save’. After the dealer save the Transshipment details he has to click on “Submit” button.
  • Consignor will click on the link [Home] to take Revised Print copy.
  • Transhipment Details and the Reason For Transhipment is seen on the Print copy.
  • Consignee have to enter with the same Tin and Password in Dealer portals. Different status is seen here as,
    New:- When Consignee save.
    Active :- When Consignee submit.
    Accepted:- When Consignor generates e-Road permit 504(G).
    Received:-When Consignee Accepts that I have received the consignment on date .
    Also he can view JVAT504(G). If goods is Received Consignee have to click on the link ‘Accepted’ .
  • Consignee have to check with date that ‘I have received the consignment on date’ and finally click on ‘Received’ button.
  • A message will be displayed as “Consignment Received”

e-Road Permit Cancellation:
If dealer wants to cancel any e-Road permit , he clicks on cancel button of corresponding e-Road permit on Action column, a confirm dialogue box with the permit no will appear. Dealer has to click on ok button to proceed further(or cancel if not).

The Steps for password creation for e-Road permit (if required):
step-1: Dealer Login with current TIN and current Password .
step-2: Clicks on sub menu of e-road permit (Create password for e-Road permit) link
step-3: Enters password and Clicks on Update.
step-4: Password updated message will come on successful updation.
step-5: Dealer logs out goes to Login page clicks on e road permit: consignee link
step-6:Enters TIN & e road permit password, captcha code and clicks Login
step-7: Dealer will be redirected to e-road permit dash board.
step-8 : There is a homeimage to come to dash board at any time.

Track Road Permit On-line

e-Road Permit can be Track on our Website www.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in

Jharkhand e road permit verify online

Jharkhand e road permit verify online

Select Blue permit , Green permit or Pink Permit and enter KEY no. and click on >> to get details.

There is one more Website http://permitonline.jharkhand.gov.in/permitlogin to see the permits.