Rajasthan Commercial Tax VAT and CST e-registration online for Dealers rajtax.gov.in

Rajasthan Commercial Tax VAT and CST e-registration online for Dealers rajtax.gov.in

E-Registration  for VAT and CST for Rajasthan Commercial Tax Department

Through the facility of E-Registration, any dealer of Rajasthan can fill and submit their VAT-01A form for registration to the Commercial Taxes Department, Rajasthan.

Following steps are used to complete the process of E-Registration:

  • Logon to the official website of Commercial Taxes Department, Rajasthan
  • Firstly go to the official website of Commercial Taxes Department, Rajasthan i.e. http://rajtax.gov.in/
  • Click on the link of E-Registration link provided on the left panel on home page.
  • Click on E-Registration

E-Registration Form Selection Screen:

  • Select New Form from the drop down to open the e-Registration form.

E-Registration (Form VAT-01A) Screen:

  • Form VAT-01A will open for the dealers to fill in the entries for registration.
  • If you want to return to Home Page without saving the data then click on “Return on Home Page” button.
  • Click on “Save & Next” button after filling the data required on Dealer Details tab and proceed.
  • Name of Dealer , Whether Non Resident Dealer, Principal place of Business,  PAN , Date of commencement of business , Date from which liable to be registered, Type of Dealer , Business Type to be filled.
  • After dealer click on “Save & next” button a transaction id will be generated in another pop up window for the dealer.
  • This transaction id will be required if dealer want to check is e-Registration application status and if Dealer is asked by Registration Authority for any rectification in his application.

Note: Dealer should note down the generated transaction id.

Commodity & Constitution Details:

  • Here you need to fill your Commodities in which you deal in and your Constitution of Business
  • Intend to Purchase –Commodity , Intend to Sale –Commodity ,Constitution of Business 

Proprietor/Partner Details:

  • Enter your proprietor or partner details
  • Full Name , Father’s/Husband’s Name , Date of Birth , Status ,Extent of interest (%) Permanent Address ,Telephone Number ,PAN , Email Id , Details (including address) of all immovable property owned by or in which the person has interest/joint interest

Other Business:

  • If you have any other business then its details is to be entered on this page.
  • After entering the details click on “Add” button to add the other business details entered in this page. You can enter multiple entries on this page.
  • Partner/Director ,Name of Other Business , Address , TIN , CST No. , Nature of interest in the business , Extent of interest (%) 

Closed Business:

  • If you had any business previously and you have closed that business then its details is entered in this page.
  • You can add multiple entries by clicking on Add button.
  • Partner/Director name,  Name of Other Business , Address , RC No. , Date of Closure , Nature of interest in the business ,  Extent of interest (%) 

Surety / Security & Bank Details:

  • You have to enter either of surety or security details:
  • Surety Details – TIN of two registered dealers in VAT.
  • Security Details – You have to enter cash details, NSC details or Bank guarantee.
  • Bank Details – Enter bank details in which you have any account
  • Name of business of I surety ,  Name of business of II surety

Branch & Additional Place of Business:

  • If you have any additional branches of business then its details are entered on this page
  • Name of business Enter business branch Name ,Type of business Select type of business whose branch is this ,Address Enter address of branch

Manager Details:

  • Business Manager Details are to be filled in this page. You have to submit Form VAT-02 for Manager Details.
  • Name of Business Manager Enter Name of business Manager , Address Enter address of business manager


  • You have to upload the scanned affidavit in PDF format with your e-registration application.
  • Click on browse to select the affidavit saved on your machine.
  • Click on upload button to upload the affidavit attached.

Acknowledgement Receipt:

  • With click of upload button Affidavit is uploaded and an acknowledgement receipt is getting generated for you.
  • The lists of required attachments to be submitted in the office are also provided on the receipt.
  • Link to View his Form VAT-01A details is given on this Acknowledgement receipt. Please print the View form VAT-01A PDF copy, sign and submit in the office along with other attachments required.
  • You can print the acknowledgement receipt by clicking “Print” Button.
  • After click on print button a dialogue box will appear to print the receipt
  • To view the Form VAT-01A PDF click on link “Click here to View VAT Form-01A” on Acknowledgement Receipt.
  • A dialogue box will appear for Open or save the pdf.
  • When you click on Open, View Form VAT-01A will open in .PDF format; you should take the print of PDF, sign it and submit it to the office along with other attachments required.

Track Your Status

  • If you want to track your e-registration application status or when Registering Authority intimate you to rectify your e-Registration Application in that case case on “Track Your Status” link on Home Page.
  • You are required to enter your Acknowledgement Number and the Transaction Id generated during filling of e-registration application.
  • Enter your acknowledge ment number and Enter your Transaction Id
  • After you enter the acknowledgement number and transaction id , a screen will be shown with the details.
  • When you click on “View/Edit Details” hyperlink then Form VAT-01A will open in editable mode.
  • Now you can modify your application details and submit the application again.

Source : rajtax.gov.in

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