Rajasthan ET/LT e-returns filing Rajasthan Commercial Tax Department

Rajasthan ET/LT e-returns filing Rajasthan Commercial Tax Department

ET/ LT e-Returns Online for Rajasthan Commercial Tax Department rajtax.gov.in

  • Login to Website of  Rajasthan Commercial Taxes Department – http://rajtax.gov.in/
  • Sign up on the web portal by providing your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or ET/LT Registration number (in case not registered under VAT) and other registration details.
  • Upon successfully signing, logon to the portal using your TIN or ET/LT Registration number.
  • Dealer would need to enter his ET/LT registration number without ‘/’

    character to login on CTD Portal

  • If the details entered by you are found correct; you will be logged in. Please select e-Returns link on the left hand side column
  • After clicking on “e-Returns” link, option for ET/LT will be displayed. Click on ET link

    to file ET return and LT link to file LT return. 

    You have to upload your ET/LT e-Returns in .xls format

Important Guidelines:
I. If the dealer is already registered under VAT and has already created his Sign up on web portal, then VAT TIN will be used to file ET/LT e-returns
II. If the dealer is already registered under VAT along with ET / LT and has not created his Sign up on web portal, then VAT TIN will be used  to create a sign up on CTD web portal.
III. If the dealer is not registered under VAT, then only it is required to create sign up with ET/LT registration Number.
IV. Dealer would need to enter his ET/LT registration number without ‘/’  character to login on CTD Portal
V. To take the print of the filled return document properly on your system, Users are advised to follow the below guidelines:
a. From Excel option bar navigate to File (ALT+F) –>Page Setup and adjust the following print settings:
(i) Set orientation to Landscape
(ii) Scaling adjust to 65% of the normal size
(iii) Paper Size Legal
(iv) Click Ok and print the page

To fill up the return, you are required to download the templates from the website. It  is advisable to download the template once and store for future use. You should have  Microsoft Excel Sheet (version may be 97, 2000, 2003 or 2007) installed in your
computer for this purpose.

1) Your System date format must be in either DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY only.
2) If you have downloaded the template before the last updated date mentioned then you need to download new template.
To download the templates for filing e-Returns, click on required form name (template) you need to file from Rajasthan CTD Web Portal.

Template Guidelines:
1) Open downloaded template and fill the template with appropriate data.
2) Enter the kind of data as per the color shown in the background. The color scheme is:
I. Light Green: – Only numbers are to be entered in the cell.
II. Dark Green: – Only select data from the displayed list only.
III. Orange: – Only dates are allowed to be entered in the cell in DD-MM-YYYY
IV. Pink: – Only characters and numbers are to be entered in the cell

3) Download ETLA_03.xls and LTH_03.xls and save it in your local computer.
4) Open it using Microsoft Excel and fill the required details and save the excel sheet.
5) In the deposit details column, if mode of deposit if electronic payment (ETLA22 and LT-04A) then mention the Challan Identification Number (CIN) in the “Description” column separately
6) In the LT return dealer has to pay the due tax prior to the e-filling, else template would not be allowed to validate

Mapping Digital Certificate: –

  • Click on Map Digital Certificate icon to mapping with digital certificate. This link is shown only when mapping is not done. When mapping will be done with the digital certificate this icon will be replaced by Unmap digital Certificate from here.
  •  Click on Map Certificate button to view the Digital Certificates installed in your local computer. 
  • After Click or Press ENTER/SPACEBAR, the list of digital certificates appears which installed into your local computer.
  • Select the Digital Certificate from list.
  • After completing above process mapping will be done successfully and the Map Digital Certificate icon will be replaced by Unmap Digital Certificate.
  • If dealer want to file the return without Digital Signature then he needs to Unmap the digital signature by clicking on Unmap digital Certificate link provided on portal.

Sign Upload and Submit the Return Forms: –

  • Enter the details and select the file to be signed.

Steps to Sign, Upload and Submit “.xls” format forms:

  • When you click browse to select the file for signing,a screen is shown
  • Select the file to be signed and click on open. Click on Sign for signing the file
  • Once the file is signed successfully, you will get a message for the same. The digitally signed file will be created in same directory from where user selects the original file.
  • After signing the ET/LT return, a .dec file will be created in the folder where validated (.xls) template was stored. Select the .dec format file and upload it. 
  • A message is being shown, the data of the file uploaded is validated. After validation, if there is some error in data entry, then it will show the error list with the error message, row number and sheet details. You need to correct the data, sign the file and upload.
  • The system will not allow submission/upload of return(s)/annexure(s) till all the errors are corrected.
  • If there are no errors in the uploaded return you will find a submit button on the summary page.
  • Click on the submit button to file the returns.
  • On click of Submit if it shows: “Form uploaded successfully” then it means your form has been uploaded successfully. 
  • Click “Back” to come to the main e-Returns Page

E-Returns without digital Certificate:-
Now, Dealer can file e-Returns without digital Certificate, in this process, dealer need not to purchase digital certificate or map the digital certificate with rajtax.gov.in . The process will be the same in e-returns with or without digital certificate apart
from the below :

  • Dealer need not to go for signing the document. Dealer can directly click on the upload button for uploading the document in case of e-returns without digital certificate.But there is one constraint in e-Returns without digital Certificate, When dealer generate his acknowledgement than they need to submit that acknowledgement receipt in his assessing authority’s office. Then dealer will get another acknowledgement receipt from the tax office. That receipt will be considered as a valid acknowledgement receipt. Thus, Dealer’s e-returns without digital certificate will be considered as a complete return.

Generating Acknowledgement Receipt

  • After successfully uploading the templates you need to now generate acknowledgement receipt. On click of the button “Generate Acknowledgement”, there will be a pop-up saying “Once acknowledgement is generated, no more forms can be attached”
  • If you click “Cancel”, then the acknowledgement receipt will not be generated.
  • To generate the acknowledgement receipt click “ok”.
  • A return is considered to be filed completely only when acknowledgement receipt is generated. Once acknowledgement receipt is generated, you will not be allowed to file e-Returns for same period again. However, revised returns can be filed provided
  • you have filed original returns.
  • To file Revised returns click on Revised  and repeat the steps to file the returns
  • View Returns :  To view the returns filed go to the home page and click on the link View e-Returns

If you click on the acknowledgment number a new window will open where view will be shown

You may also regenerate the acknowledgment receipt by following steps given below: –
1. Select the return for which you need to regenerate the acknowledgement receipt.
2. Click “Generate Acknowledgment”. An acknowledgement receipt  will be displayed. You can print the receipt.

Source : rajtax.gov.in