Rajasthan Sales Tax rajtax.gov.in Dealer Data Updation Online

Rajasthan Sales Tax rajtax.gov.in Dealer Data Updation Online Commercial Tax Department Rajasthan

Procedure for Rajasthan Sales Tax Dealer Data Update rajtax.gov.in

This functionality has been provided in the login of Dealer on Rajasthan CTD Web Portal to correct the dealer’s basic data. Here after declaration of such data dealer need to submit the signed hard copy of the declaration form printed from CTD Web Portal to his current assessing authority office.
Procedure for Dealer Data Updation is very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required for the purpose. There are six easy steps to complete the declaration of Dealer Data as mentioned below:

Step 1 First Time Sign-up on the CTD Web Portal

Step 2 Login into the web portal

Step 3 Filling up the Dealer Data Update declaration Form

Step 4 Declaration Receipt Generation

Step 5 Submission of the Duly Signed Dealer Data Update Declaration Form Generated from CTD Web Portal to Current assessing Authority

Step 6 Collection of Acknowledgement Receipt generated from RajVISTA Application

Step-1 Sign up on the CTD Website (One time)

  • To register on web site, connect to Internet and write URL in the address bar as under: http://rajtax.gov.in
  • To sign-up on the web portal click “New User? Sign-up”
  • Check detailed post on signup on this website if not yet signed up

Step-2 Login

  • A dealer registered on the web site is required to login for the purpose of filing e-return after he signs up.

Step-3 Filling up the Dealer Data Update declaration Form: –

  • If the details entered by you are found correct; you will be logged in. Please select Dealer Data Update link provided on the left hand side pane under Dealer Profile
  • After clicking on “Dealer Data Update” link, a screen would be displayed for dealers to fill his basic details wherever required. By default System would display the details currently available into the system. Dealer may correct the details wherever required or else he may proceed with the current data if no change is required.
  • On clicking this link, the screen would be shown.
  • You can fill the details in the given format.

The Dealer data update screen is having two parts:
In one part system would display the basic details which are currently available with CTD in disable format. This includes the following fields:

1) TIN
2) Firm Name
3) RC effective date VAT
4) RC effective date CST
5) Location (Z-C-W)
6) Principal Place of Business

In the other part dealer needs to fill his correct details (if there is any discrepancy). This section includes the fields given below:

1) RC effective date (VAT)
2) PAN
3) Bank Account Number

4) Select option if Registered in CST
5) RC effective date CST
6) Land Line Number
7) Cell No. 1
8) Cell. No. 2
9) E-Mail Id
10) Check option for Terms and condition

Step-4 Declaration Receipt Generation: –

  • After clicking on submit button system would generate a copy of declaration form with the details that dealer has entered into the Dealer Data Update Screen.

Step-5 Submission of the Duly Signed Dealer Data Update Declaration Form Generated from CTD Web Portal to Current Assessing Authority: –

  • Take printout of this acknowledgement receipt and submit the duly signed copy to your current assessing authority’s office.

− In case your current ward is a regular ward then submit your declaration form at your current ward as shown in the system
− In case you are currently located at any NA ward then submit your declaration form at your current Circle as shown in the
− In case you current location is Unknown ward then submit your declaration form at your current Circle as shown in the system under which that Unknown Ward is present.

Step-6 Collection of Acknowledgement Receipt generated from RajVISTA Application: –

  • Dealer would need to collect the acknowledgement receipt on successful submission of the duly signed dealer data update declaration form generated from CTD Web Portal as a proof of the submission of the details.

Source : rajtax.gov.in Rajasthan Sales Tax website