rajtax.gov.in New User Signup Online , Registration Process

rajtax.gov.in New User Signup Online , Registration Process

Sign Up Process On Rajasthan Commercial Taxes Web Portal rajtax.gov.in

EASY way to Sign-Up:

  • Go to the Link New Sign Up in the home page
  • Data Entry
  • Submit the Form

New Sign-Up at Rajtax.gov.in:

  • Go to the Rajasthan Commercial Tax Website i.e. rajtax.gov.in
  • Click on the New Sign Up which is in the center.
rajtax.gov.in New User Signup online

rajtax.gov.in New User Signup online

To get registered on the Rajtax website click “New User? Sign-up”. as shown above.

  • A new screen will open up. This screen displays the details required to be filled by the dealer for registering on the web portal. Please enter the details on the screen as per the instructions given.
  • 14 fields to be filled like Enter TIN , PAN No. , Password , Select the security question , Enter your email id , Enter password again, Enter Effective Date of Registration etc.
  • Read the terms and conditions and Click on “I accept the terms”.
  • Click on submit to register on the web portal.
  • After filling up the details as above, please click on submit .Details will be verified by the system and if they are found correct, system will give successful registration message immediately on the screen itself. This registration is one time requirement. Next time dealer has to login with the password adopted by dealer in this step. Dealer Login id is his 11 digit TIN.
  • On invalid Entry of either TIN No. you will get the page with the message “Invalid TIN” in RED on top of form
  • If you have already Signed Up you will get “User is already Registered”
  • If you get “You have successfully Signed-Up and Your Login Id is : _ _ _ _ _ _“ message than this shows that you are now the member of this website and you can login with your given login details.

Important Points to be kept in mind:

1. The fields having * are mandatory.
2. Before Signing Up the website you need to register yourself for VAT.
3. You need to accept Terms and Conditions by checking the form to submit your details for Sign Up.

Source : rajtax.gov.in