Rajtax Online CST System Rajasthan Commercial taxes rajtax.gov.in

Rajtax Online CST System Rajasthan Commercial taxes rajtax.gov.in

Procedure to make use of RAJTAX online CST System Facility (ROCS) rajtax.gov.in

It is very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required for this purpose. There are simple steps to make use of Rajasthan online CST System Facility as mentioned below:

Step 1 Sign Up on the Website
Step 2 Login
Step 3 One time Request for Usage of e-CST Forms facility
Step 4 Uploading the purchase details (.csv files)
Step 5 Acknowledgement Generation
Step 6 Generation of CST Form Online

Step-1 Sign Up on the Website

  • To register on web site, connect to Internet and write URL in the address bar as: http://rajtax.gov.in.
  • To get registered on the website click “New User? Sign-up” and follow the procedure given on sign up process in this website

Step-2 Login

  • A dealer registered on the web site is required to login for the purpose of making online payment. Process of login is as under:
  • Connect to Internet and open the website http://rajtax.gov.in
  • On Home page- enter the login credential and submit

Step-3 One time Request for Usage of e-CST Forms facility
Note: Dealer must be registered under CST act for usage of e-CST Forms facility

  • Once you have successfully logged on the web portal,click on “Opt for e-CST (One Time) link”
  • After clicking on “Opt for e-CST Form (one Time)” link,a screen would appear
  • On Click of submit button, dealer’s request would be sent to his concerning assessing authority
  • Once the request for Online Usage of CST System is approved/rejected by the assessing authority, Dealer would be intimated through the e- Communication => View Received Messages facility on Rajasthan CTD Web Portal regarding decision taken by assessing authority along with the remarks as shown
  • On clicking the message, a screen would appear displaying the message of approval sent by the concerned assessing authority.
  • Now the dealer can proceed to upload the Interstate purchase details after approval of the e-request from his concerning Assessing authority
  • Once the dealer has opted for e-CST and request has been approved, dealers need not to e-sumbit the request.Even if dealer clicks on the link of “Opt for e-CST” , a screen displaying request approved will come.
  • In case assessing authority has not approved/Rejected the request for usage of e-CST Forms system and the dealer try to upload the purchase details then system would display that request under process

Step- 4 Online submission and issuance of E-CST Forms
Note – Please read the below instructions carefully for successful upload and generation of e-CST form

  • Once the request is approved by the assessing authority then dealer would need to download the e-CST template from the CTD Portal by Clicking on the link – e-Services => e-CST Forms (ROCS) =>Upload Purchase Details =>Download e-CST Template
  • Dealer would need to fill the consolidated interstate purchase details from all the sellers in the single sheet only. Dealers are not required to fill multiple templates for individual sellers as system itself bifurcate the details seller wise
  • Dealer would need to fill the Interstate Purchase details into the template and validate the same
  • On successful validation of the details- an upload file would be generated in “.CSV” format that dealer would need to save locally on their computer system
  • Click on the provided link to upload the Interstate Purchase Details – e-Services => e-CST Forms (ROCS) => Upload Purchase Details
  • Dealer would select the Financial Year and respective Quarter for which he wants to apply for the CST C Form. Here System would be having following riders on the period sections

a. System would allow the dealer to apply for CST Forms for Quarter – 1 of FY – 2011-12 onwards
b. System would allow to upload the purchase details for a quarter till nine months from the completion of the relevant financial Year

  • Verify the uploaded details by clicking on Submitted forms button provided on Upload Purchase details screen and generate the Acknowledgement

NOTE: Before uploading the template, request you to verify the other party status from TINXSYS system

After uploading the template click on submit button to submit the purchase details. The dealer would have the option of viewing the uploaded sheet; deleting the sheet if any change is required prior to full and final submission. Once the dealer confirms final submission,dealer would be issued an acknowledgement receipt for the same.

Further no changes would be permitted to the uploaded sheet

Step-5 Acknowledgement Generation

  • Once the dealer submits the purchase details online, an acknowledgement receipt would be issued. The dealer would not be allowed to change or delete the purchase details once the acknowledgement receipt is generated
  • Within 24 hours System would check following criteria and would proceed further accordingly as mentioned above

a. Return Defaulter status from 1st Quarter of FY – 2011-12 till the current quarter for which dealer is applying for e-CST Form
b. Payment Defaulter from 1st Quarter of FY – 2011-12 till the current quarter for which dealer is applying for e-CST Form
c. Assessing authority would be able to mark a dealer as negative based on some parameters – The system will check the Negative list and if found the dealer in that list then it will not generate the CST form and would display the proper message in dealer’s login on CTD Portal.

  • Forms approval or rejection (in case of return defaulter/ payment defaulter/negative dealer) of e-CST form, message will appear in dealer’s login
  • If dealer is found defaulter for any of above reason then system would not generate the CST form for that quarter and would display proper message (indicating the reasons for non generation of CST Form) in the login of Dealer on CTD Portal.
  • Dealer can view the details of the Rejection under the link – – e-Services => e-CST Forms (ROCS) =>Rejected CST-Forms
  • Dealers are not required to submit the Interstate purchase details again for the quarter for which his forms were rejected. System will keep checking the defaulter status everyday and if dealer meets with compliance in between then system would generate the CST form for that quarter.
  • In case if dealer does not fall under any of the above cases then System would generate CST form with a system generated Series Number and Serial number.The format would be as mentioned below:

a. Series Number for CST C form –RJ/C/2011-12 (*Here 2011-12 is FY for which dealer has asked for CST Forms so it would vary with change in FY)
b. Serial number (Some Number)
c. Hence C Form Number would be – RJ/C/2011-12 XXXXXXXXXX

Step-6 View Purchase Details

  • Dealer may view their uploaded purchase details through View Purchase Details link
  • Click on Radio Button to View the purchase Details.

Step -7 Generation of CST Form Online

  • Dealer needs to click on the Approved CST Forms link
  • Click on the Generate/View pdf link to generate the pdf and dealer may save the CST C Form locally on computer system or may print it directly

Source : rajtax.gov.in