Uttar Pradesh Commercial Tax Dealer Registration www.comtax.up.nic.in

Uttar Pradesh Commercial Tax Dealer Registration www.comtax.up.nic.in

Guidelines for Dealers Applying for Registration Online for Uttar Pradesh Commercial Tax Department – VAT registration

  • Access the URL comtax.up.nic.in in your browser
  • Move the mouse pointer to Dealer Services and Click on Dealer E-Registration Link
  • Now Move the mouse pointer to the link (Download Offline Tool in PDF::form VII) under Form VII section and click on it.
  • User can proceed with the downloading of tool. The Downloaded file will be available in .Zip format. User has to extract the .zip file to pull out its contents. Finally, the Form7.pdf file will be available to the user. This E-registration.pdf file is a form which has to be filled up by the dealers, it comprises of 9 pages.
  • The Fields marked by (*) are mandatory.
  • For Fields like (Father’s Name, Locations Status Code of Applicant, Bank name) user has to click on the down arrow to pull up the list and select the appropriate one.
  • In the Section 12(A,B,C),16,20,30 of the form dealers are required to enter information in the tables provided. User has to add a blank row by clicking the “Add Item” button provided on top of each table . Next page shows the complete Filled form for New dealer registration with or without Central Sales Tax (CST) Registration.
  • Click on Send Application Button to submit your Application.
  • Send Application button is given on right corner of first page. For continue press “Yes” button
  • User has to wait till the processing of the submitted form is completed. Finally, an E- Registration Application Receipt is generated . User should note down the E-Registration Token Id no (14 Digit) and use this no. to take a print of the form and to upload scanned documents.
  • Upload Scanned documents
  • To upload documents click on Upload Enclosure Link under Form VII section
  • Click here to upload your Scanned and Attested documents.
  • You can print complete application in the format of Form VII by clicking on the link given in menu.


If you are applying with CST you can view and print Form A (only CST ) report from the link Print FormA (registration with CST) as per E-Token Id .

You can check your registration application status by visiting the Check Form VII status link given under
Form VII

Note : Please note one needs to enter the correct commodity codes as prescribed by the commercial tax department else your application will be rejected.

Application Status :
Application Status is sent to your mobile Number and Email given in your application as and when some action is taken upon your application.

Online Application Status Check :

Select Location :
Enter Receipt No For Registration :

and Submit to get status.


Website : comtax.up.nic.in

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