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www.biharcommercialtax.gov.in Bihar Commercial Tax e Return File Online

File e-Return through www.biharcommercialtax.gov.in

Procedure to file e-return is very simple. A computer with internet connectivity is required for the purpose. There are five easy steps to file e-return. These steps are

Step 1 First Time Sign-up on the CTD Web Portal . GO NOW.

Step 2 Login into the web portal

Step 3 Downloading of return documents

Step 4 uploading the return using extensions(.xls and .csv files)

Step 5 Acknowledgement Generation

E return filing procedure Explained for Bihar Commercial taxes

  • Login with the credentials assigned to you. Check the Online VAT registration post if you don’t have one.
  • Click on e-Returns once logged in to www.biharcommercialtax.gov.in


  • On next page click on VAT returns
  • On next page select the return type and return period.

  • Select the Year and click on Confirm
  • After clicking on confirm button the next page is shown . T

    he Page shows how to download templates.

  • Click to Download sample sheet or Select the document type from drop-down list or Click to download Templates

  • Click on the specified form which you need to download. 

    Download the form.

  • VAT Form RT-V is for revised return. 

    For RT-V, the process of downloading and saving of forms is same as RT-I.

  • When we click on save button, RT-01 form will be saving on specified location. 

    Go to the saved location and click on the RT001.xls to open the form.

  • After completing RT001 Part-1 form, click on Part 2 form.Rate wise bifurcation of output tax
  • After completing Part-2 form, click on Part-3 form.Details of Purchases/Receipts

  • After completing Part-3 form, click on Part-4 form.Input tax credit and tax payable
  • After completing Part-4 form, click on Part-5 form. Payment Details

  • After completing Part-5 form, click on Box A.This page shows the RT001 form Box A (Other allowable deductions)
  • After completing Box A, click on Box D.This page shows the RT001 form Box D (Reverse Credit)

  • After completing Box D form, click on Box F.This page shows the RT001 form Box F (Details of statutory forms submitted in support of 


  • Fill all the details carefully and must be correct in all respect. After completion of the base form RT-I, complete the other forms which is necessary to upload with base form RT-I.Download the other form like –
    • Sales to registered dealer — VAT RT-I/RT-V Box-B
    • Sales to unregistered dealer — VAT RT-I/RT-V Box-B
    • Purchase from registered dealer — VAT RT-I/RT-V Box-C
    • Purchase from unregistered dealer — VAT RT-I/RT-V Box-C
    • Details of dealer wise sales to be furnished — VAT RT-I/RT-V E1
    • Details of goods sold to different companies — VAT RT-I/RT-V E2

*Note: All the forms except base form RT-1 must be saved with .CSV (Comma delimited) extension.

After completing all the forms go to VAT e-Return to upload the forms. This Page shows to initiate the starting of uploading the forms.

  • Select VAT Form RT-1 from drop down list
  • Click on browse to upload the form RT-1 . Click Upload
  • Click on submit button to submit the form
  • RT-I is successfully uploaded

  • * NOTE:-Click “Back” to come to the main e-Returns Page. Repeat all the above steps for RT-V
  • After Uploading the Base form, select the other form and upload it .The process is same for all

    the boxes. 

  • Click OK for any warning message

  • After submitting the RT-1 and other forms, we can view all the forms which we have 

    uploaded on clicking uploaded forms button

  • Then click on generate acknowledgement button to get 


  • Click on Print button to print the acknowledgement

Annual Returns Online – www.biharcommercialtax.gov.in

  • The procedure is same as above but you have to download , fill and upload VAT FORM RT-III-D

Source : www.biharcommercialtax.gov.in