zotax.nic.in e-Way bills generation Online Waybill Mizoram Dealers

zotax.nic.in e-Way bills generation Online Waybill Mizoram Dealers

Waybills are required for any transportaion of Goods to/from the state of Mizoram. Government of Mizoram has made it easy to genrate the Way bills online.

Procedure for Online E-Way Bill Generation for Mizoram State:

  • Log into the Department Website – www.zotax.nic.in
  • In ‘Online e-services’ section, the user needs to click “Dealers Log In”.

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  • In case of the first time login, the system will show some informative screens and ask user to enter his choice of username and password. As system generated User ID is VAT TIN, the dealer has only one chance to change his User ID. User ID after first time log in cannot be changed. It is required to note down the username and password entered for further logins. The system will asks you to enter your contact information including mobile number which will be used to deliver various SMS reports.
  • After entering user ID and password, the user needs to click “Log In” button and the dealers home page will appear

Generation Of E-Way Bill Mizoram:

  • In the top right corner of the dealers home page, there is ‘Way Bill section’. For generating e-Way Bill, the user needs to click “New Entry”. The following e-Way bill entry Form screen will appear. In the Sellers TIN Field, CST TIN number of the selling dealer (in other state) from whom goods is to be received shall be entered. If the selling dealer is unregistered one, then TIN number – 16000000000 shall be used. Only after entering the valid TIN, the field for entering ‘Name and Address’ of the selling Dealer will be enabled by the System. The dealer needs to select “Mode of Transport” also.
  • After entering the required field, user has to click “Save and submit” button. As soon as the said button is clicked, password for invoice update will be generated by the system. Way bill number will also be generated and the user will received SMS containing this Way Bill number and password for invoice update in his Mobile Phone.
Online Waybill Mizoram

Online Waybill Mizoram

  • When the dealer click “OK” button, the following screen will appear. It contains e-Way Bill number and password for invoice update. This password shall be recorded by the dealer as it will be utilised to update the invoice detail.
  • If the user click “Exit” button, the page will return to the Dealers home page. The dealer have an option to print this blank e-way bill through : ‘Report & Help – Web Acknowledgement – E-Way Bill – Select’. But invoice detail is required to be updated by the dealer before the consignment enters Check Gate.

Updation Of Invoice Details for Mizoram ewaybill:

  • Before the consignment enters the Check Gate, It is compulsory for the dealer to update Invoice details of the e-Way Bill. For updating invoice details, the dealer needs to open Department Website – www.zotax.nic.in
  • In the ‘Online e-Services’ section, the dealer needs to click “Invoice Update Login
  • MVAT TIN of the dealer is required to be entered. Password for invoice update which was generated during generation of e-Way Bill is also required to be entered to log in for updating invoice details. After cliking “Log in” button, The following screen will appear.
  • The dealer needs to select commodity name (commodity name as per VAT registration), enter commodity description (commodity name as per invoice) and enter other Invoice details like Invoice number, Invoice Date, Quantity with Units (Say 200 Kg, 5 Bundles) and value (Rs , Rupees etc is not required in this field). It should be noted that system accepts only dd/mm/yyyy format in the Invoice date eg 23/01/2011; Other format like 23.1.2011 etc will not be accepted by the system. e-Way Bill has been designed in such a way that one e-Way Bill can be used for only one Invoice. If the consignment got more than one invoices, then the dealer shall generate different e-way bills for each invoices.
  • After entering all invoice details, the dealer shall click “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page, two buttons ‘Print’ and “Exit’ appears. “Print” button will allow printing of e-Way Bill through local Printer and ‘exit’ Button will enable the page to return to “Log In for Invoice Password” page.
  • SMS integration of the e-Way Bill has been introduced in which the dealer will received SMS information at the time of the following :

** At the time of generation of way bill.
** At the time of validation of Way Bill at Check Gate.

  • The Department has introduce paperless e-Way Bill system in which it is not compulsory for the dealers to print out e-Way Bill as only e-Way Bill number is required to validate the e-Way Bill at Check Gate. In other words, updated e-way bill number eg. 10510000236 is sufficient enough to transport goods across or beyond the check post if it is supported by relevant documents like invoice, transport challan etc.

Verification Of E-Way Bill :

  • E- Way bill system has been designed in such a way that any person in possession of the e-way bill number will be able to verify its genuineness from the Department website. For this, he needs to open the website – www.zotax.nic.in
  • In the ‘online verification’, the user needs to click on “Verify e-Way Bill”. The user needs to enter Way Bill number and the key displayed by system as above. After entering the required data, the user needs to click “Go” button. If the way bill is genuine, system will display the way bill details as under –
ewaybill mizoram

ewaybill mizoram