zotax.nic.in e-filing of Invoices Mizoram Commercial Tax

zotax.nic.in e-filing of Invoices Mizoram Commercial Tax

The Department has introduced facility for electronic filing of Invoice details (Form 7) through internet. For making e-filing of Form 7, the dealer needs to open the Department websitewww.zotax.nic.in

e-Filing of Invoices for Mizoram Commercial Tax Department using zotax.nic.in:

  • In the ‘Online e-services’ section, the user needs to click “Dealers Login” option.
  • It will take you to http://zoramtax.nic.in/mizoefil/login.aspx
  • After entering user ID and password, the user needs to click “Log In” button and the dealers home page will appear
  • In the top left corner of the dealers’ home page, there is ‘Purchase Invoice’ section. The dealer needs to click “Entry and Update” option.
Mizoram Commercial Tax

Mizoram Commercial Tax

  • In case the dealer deals with local and interstate purchases, he shall file Form 7 separately for :

(i) local purchase and (ii) interstate purchase. Otherwise, he has to select the appropriate purchase transaction. After selecting the return type and return period, the dealer has to click “Go” button to open invoice details entry page.

  • At this stage, the dealer has three options :(i) by manually entering the invoice details one by one or (ii) by extracting the invoice details from e-way bill module or (iii) declaring no invoices by clicking “Declare Nil Invoice” button. If the dealer is manually entering the invoice details one by one, “Add” button is to be clicked to enter new invoice details. If invoice detail is to be extracted from the e-way bill module, “Extract Purchase invoice details from e-way bill” button is to be clicked, but this option is available only for interstate purchases.
  • The user has an option to Click “Select all invoices” to select all invoice details during the period or select the invoices one by one. After selecting the invoices, user has to click “Add selected Way bill” to insert selected invoice details
  • After clicking the add button, The user has to click “Exit” button to return to the invoice detail entry page.
  • As soon as user click “Exit” button, the invoice details entry page will be displayed – Clicking “Select” option will enable the user to modify the invoice details. If no more invoice is to be added or modified, “Exit” button shall be clicked and the page will return to the dealers home page.
  • In order to submit the entered invoice details, the user has to click “Verify & submit” option in the Purchase invoice block in the dealers home page. The following page shall appear : After specifying the nature of purchase, return type and period, Clicking “Go” will open the page
  • The user has to click “Submit” button to submit the invoice details. As soon as the invoice details is submitted, system will pop up the page containing formatted Form 7 for easy printout
mizoram commercial tax

mizoram commercial tax

  • After printing out of Form 7, it is to be properly signed and submitted to the concerned zonal office along with return.

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J. Lianchungnunga Building, Tuikual South,
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